Boone Hollow Puppies
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Last Edited:  11/06/15
Hello! We are a litter of Havashu puppies. We are all boys.  Our Daddy is a Havanese named Captain Crunch.  Our Mom is a Shih-Tzu named Marley.  We were born on 9/20/15. We are priced at $400 (+ tax) each. Call Ms. Sydney today to make an appointment to come visit us!  
Cava Poos
Hello! We are Cavapoo puppies. We are both boys.  Our Mom is a Poodle named Lambie Pi. Our Dad is a Cavalier named Nick  We were born 10-10-15.  We are priced at $400 (+ tax) each. 
Shih Poos
Hi! We are boy Shih-Poos.  Our Mom is a Shih Tzu named Daphne. Our Dad is Mack, who is a Poodle. We were born on 9/27/15. We are priced at $400 (+ tax) each.